Metal Removal

metal removalOur philosophy is to create a “dynamic” change at the tool/work-piece interface allowing the end user to receive value through increased tool life, improved part quality, reduced environmental impact, and improved employee health and safety. This is accomplished through our selection of materials and understanding of the environment at the tool/work interface.

Our strategy to deliver value is accomplished by reviewing a comprehensive list of requirements and needs from our customers and utilizing realistic methods to validate our design. This approach covers all of our fluids designed with quality and customer satisfaction.

Straight Cutting Oils

Klearcut 219

Klearcut 219 is a non-staining, medium viscosity, highly compounded metal removal fluid designed for screw machine applications and light lubricating operations. Klearcut 219 is developed for high surface speed machining of screw machining alloys. It is effective on many ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

Klearcut 189

Klearcut 189 is a chlorine-free, heavy-duty, active sulfur cutting oil designed for use in moderate to severe machining operations such as broaching, gear cutting, and threading of metals and allows with low machineability ratings. Klearcut 189 contains a unique synergistic extreme pressure additive system that readily reacts at the chip-tool interface to form a very effective boundary lubricating film that reduces frictional heat and prevents metal-to-metal contact between tool and work piece. Klearcut 189 also contains a fatty oil additive which increases lubricity and provides better surface finish on the work piece. Klearcut 189 has exceptional anti-wear and anti-weld properties which maximizes tool life and minimizes machine downtime.

Klearcut 2028

Klearcut 2028 is low viscosity highly compounded metal removal fluid which contains the following additives: sulfur (active and inactive) and synthetic esters. Klearcut 2028 has been designed to assist in the following machining applications: gear cutting, gear shaping, broaching, tapping, milling, sawing, threading, and gaging.

Soluble Oils

Ultrasol 100

Ultrasol 100 is formulated for operations requiring superior cooling and load carrying characteristics. It is one of the first truly high-tech, low cost, general purpose cutting fluids to provide maximum operation with reduced costs.

Ultrasol 940 MSF

Ultrasol 940 MSF is a multi-purpose metalworking fluid designed for your most difficult of operations. It is formulated to exhibit excellent lubricating and cooling functions for machining and grinding cast iron, steel, and aluminum. Ultrasol 940 MSF has select lubricants that minimize tool wear by effectively lubricating the tool and work piece at a wide range of temperatures. Ultrasol 940 MSF is a water soluble fluid yet exhibits excellent cooling capacity because of its micro-emulsion characteristics.

Ultrasol 453

Ultrasol 453 is a heavy duty, water based, metal working fluid designed for machining both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Ultrasol 453 will perform all applications performed by heavy-duty rolling oil, but with the benefits of a bio-resistant, water miscible metal working fluid. Ultrasol 453 creates a micro emulsion which allows for rapid heat dissipation which increases tool life while improving part tolerance and finish. Ultrasol 453 is recommended for heavy duty operations in grinding, drilling, reaming, roll tapping, roll forming, and progressive stamping.


Ultrakol 4062 NC

Ultrakol 4062 NC is a multi-purpose, non-chlorinated, semi-synthetic metalworking fluid designed to handle all applications in metal cutting. Ultrakol 4062 NC will machine multiple alloys such as steel, grey iron, ductile iron, and aluminum composite materials.

Ultrakol 206

Ultrakol 206 is a heavy duty, chlorinated, semi-synthetic metalworking fluid. Ultrakol 206 is designed to handle all metal cutting applications on alloys such as steel, grey iron, ductile iron, and an array of aluminum composite materials.

Ultramax 2060

Ultramax 2060 is a heavy duty, non-chlorinated, semi-synthetic metalworking fluid. Ultramax 2060 is designed with a heavy duty lubricity and extreme pressure additive package. What sets this product apart is its state-of-the-art biological control package. The Ultramax 2060 has been designed to exceed the most stringent criteria set forth in today’s metalworking fluid industry.


Ultracut 1005

Ultracut 1005 is a light duty, 100% tramp oil rejecting synthetic metalworking fluid. Ultracut 1005 is primarily designed as a grinding fluid for use on cast iron, steel, and stainless steel.

Ultracut 1015

Ultracut 1015 is a medium duty, 100% tramp oil rejecting synthetic, metalworking fluid. It is designed to machine cast iron, steel, and stainless steel. Ultracut 1015 is recommended for operations such as a grinding, drilling, threading, peeling, milling, and turning.

Ultramax 9000

Ultramax 9000 is a full bodied synthetic water miscible metalworking fluid designed to assist in the cutting and grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Through the selection of temperature sensitive and pressure related lubricants, Ultramax 9000 exceeds the requirements needed to deliver the proper film boundary lubrication to assist in metal removal. Along with its excellent machining characteristics, this material will exhibit pH stability, corrosion protection, and bio-static properties.